Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good news and bad news

Tinks and Sodapop had to go to the vet for their yearly checkups yesterday.  The good news is that I was able to crate both of them; Sodapop is always easy but Tinks can be a challenge.  He is big and strong and not afraid to use any means necessary to avoid being put in a carrier, but by using a bathtowel and an element of surprise I was able to get him in the carrier.  Score!

They were going to a new vet.  I never really cared for the vet I had been taking them to.  She just didn't seem all that ... invested in the animals under her care.  Plus, she had a history of complaining about her job (and her clients!) on Facebook, which, NOT COOL, and combine that with the fact that I just found out she is not averse to declawing for trivial and non-medical reasons, and, well, see ya.  Taking the cats to her was HUGELY convenient because she worked the walk-in on weekends, but the last couple of times the wait was well over an hour, and, yeah, no.

So!  I took Tinks and Sodapop to the vet I had previously used for The Runt and Little Girl.  She doesn't have the convenient office hours of the old vet, but she is thorough as SH*T and is willing to talk over options at length.

Sodapop was a charmer, as always,  Just laid on his back on the exam table waiting for belly rubs.  All is well.  Good news!

Tinks?  Tinks has bad teeth.  He has had bad teeth ever since he was a kitten - evidently it's a genetic thing with some cats.  The teeth are getting worse, and now, at the tender age of three, Tinks is going to need some dental surgery coming up in May.  Bad news, but the good news is that he will feel much better afterward.  He will be on antibiotics for the next couple of weeks, which, pilling Tinks?  BAD NEWS. 

I had to take the car to the dealership this morning, because the instrument cluster has failed AGAIN.  This is the third instrument cluster to go bad in three years; I'm thinking Hyundai has a little problem, here.  BUT, the car is under warranty, so, good news!  Plus, it's still got two more years under warranty, so all is well.  But I do hope that eventually they will install an instrument cluster that actually works for more than a year.

Oh, and today is April 15, which, bad, BAD news.  My boss always, ALWAYS waits until the last day to even START preparing his taxes.  I ran all of the business-related numbers he needs back in FEBRUARY, but do you think he's even LOOKED at those spreadsheets yet?  NOOOooooOOOOO.  Which means that all day today he will be barking at me for numbers (because no matter how clearly I set up the spreadsheets, he seems incapable of pulling numbers from them) and bitching about taxes.  *sigh*  Bad news.

Let's see ... I need to end with some good news ... here!

Wee little kittens.  Good news!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

aww.. kittens!!

wait.. what were we talking about?? (but seriously, I'm sorry to hear about the upcoming dental, those are always so hard)

rockygrace said...

Tails, you KNOW that Kitten-y goodness makes everything better.

And yeah, it's a shame that Tinks has to have surgery, but since those janky teeth are going to have to go sooner or later, I'd rather do it now while he's young and (otherwise) healthy. Any recovery advice you'd like to share? I'm all ears!

~~Silk said...

Pretty kitties.

fmcgmccllc said...

Just what is wrong with the cluster?

Portia said...

I had a cat once that had constant problems with his teeth and gums. Turned out he had thyroid problems. My regular vet didn't even want to test for it because everything else about the cat was fine. He had none of the other symptoms of low thyroid. But the blood test revealed the truth. It might be worth having Tinks tested just to be sure. My cat had a lot fewer problems once he was on a thyroid supplement.

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, they ARE quite pretty, aren't they? :)

fmcetc., the display just fades away. When I first get in the car, it's nice and bright, but by the time I've driven fifteen minutes it's started to fade, and after an hour, it's no longer visible at all. Kind of hard to follow driving directions ("go 5.2 miles to the intersection") when you can't see the odometer. :(

and Portia, the vet ran a full blood panel. Would that have revealed thyroid problems?

fmcgmccllc said...

Have them check the control module that sends the voltage through the cluster. For some reason it is shutting off, perhaps sensing an overheating problem?

rockygrace said...

Fmcetc., what they've been doing is replacing the entire cluster. I'll ask about the control module - thanks!

Portia said...

Um, it's a little complicated and I've forgotten the details BUT...There are two kinds of thyroid in cats (and maybe people, I don't know) T3 and T4. They test for one of them in blood panels, because if the cat has enough of that type he almost always has plenty of the other, too. In my cat's case he had enough of the one they test for, and that's why my regular vet didn't want to consider low thyroid. But the specialist was pretty sure, so we did a different thyroid panel and sure enough he was low on the other. That is very unusual in cats.

I wish I could remember more. The specialist was a vet who was also a dentist.

rockygrace said...

That's interesting, Portia! I'll ask the vet about it.