Monday, October 18, 2010

Yet another crackpot theory

Wait ... was there a weekend in there somewhere? Where'd it go?

I did manage to get some stuff done this past weekend, despite being laid low by the vapors, but I got to thinking ... The doc put me on antibiotics (Biaxin) for the throat plague, and the antibiotics promptly made me sick(er). Queasy stomach, general malaise, you get the picture. ALL antibiotics tend to do that to me - I can't even TAKE the Z-pack anymore, for Pete's sake.

So here's my latest crackpot theory. I eat a cup of yogurt every day. It has to be the fruit-mixed-in kind, not the disgusting plain stuff, but anyway ... yogurt is chock full of probiotics, right? I mean, according to the commercials it is.* So that means that I'M chock full of probiotics too, right?

So then ... so then ... I start taking ANTI-biotics. And hoo boy, it's like the Sharks and the Jets all up in my intestines, duking it out. They're fighting in the streets in there!

And that's why I get sick(er) when I take antibiotics.

There ya go: My Monday morning crackpot theory.

Oh, and thanks for all the kind wishes, guys. Looks like I'm gonna live, after all. Just in time to go have some more dental work done on Wednesday! *sob*

*And lord knows I get most of my medical information from Jamie Lee Curtis. Heh.


Badass Nature Girl said...

Just don't eat your yogurt (or take any other type of probiotic) within an hour of your antibiotic :o) Glad you're going to live!

~~Silk said...

Nah, it's not especially the yogurt. The antibiotics kill off all the friendly flora and fauna in your intestines, so the "workings" are off. Keep eating the yogurt, just spaced out from the meds.

(I have live yogurt every day, and I haven't had a yeast infection in more than 35 years. It works....)

rockygrace said...

So, antibiotics are sort of a "scorched earth" policy, then? Kill the bad, the good, and everything in between?

No wonder I don't feel so good.

Heather said...

Nice theory, sounds plausable.

Sure hope you start feeling better soon.

Good luck with the dental appointment. Hope it doesn't hurt for too long afterwards, like last time.

Fred said...

you could also try making your own yogurt, and add fruits or honey if you don't like the plain taste. I've read that homemade ones are healthier and contain more probiotics than the ones in stores.