Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sorry about that

Whoops - didn't mean to go all boo-hoo-hoo in that last post.

It's just ... how do I explain ... this whole jaw thing is my first experience with chronic pain, and, man, I do not like it.

It's kind of what chinese water torture must be like. The first few hundred drops are, like, meh, whatever, but somewhere around drop one-kabillion, you just start to cry.

And I really, REALLY don't want to carry on about this, but the first time I went through this, back several years ago, I actually started to understand how people could off themselves. How you could be in so much goddam pain that all you wanted was for the pain to end, even if doing so ended everything.

Ohhhh, the draaaaammmmaaa! woooooe is meeeeeeeeee.

This is why I have to let the pain go. Because I don't want to be writing self-indulgent, whiny posts about it. I have better things to do, damn it!

Like watch the season finale of Teen Moms. Who is going to end up in jail for domestic violence first: Amber or Gary?

Heather, thanks for commiserating. It seems like every time I get a little bit ahead, financially, it's time to go to the dentist.

Holly Jane, I will DEFINITELY ask the dentist about a bite-block, whatever that is.

BNG, I checked out that TMJ med - Um, I'm not really up on the homeopathic stuff, so could you tell me if the ingredients in that are safe? 'Cause I've never heard of most of them.

Fish, thanks for the kind thoughts.

Oh! Oh! And here's a question we were discussing in the office yesterday: If you were one of the Chilean miners, what would be the first thing you asked for (other than family, of course) when you got to the top?

One of my co-workers said he'd choose a shower, after two months underground with a bunch of sweaty miners.

After two months of food delivered via tube, I think I'd choose a pizza and an ice-cold soda.

How about you?


Badass Nature Girl said...

They are completely safe. No issues with taking it even if you're on meds. We are on other vitamins and my youngest is on meds and it's safe. I like also that they're portable and very discreet in public, and they only taste like water and they retain their potency for 3 years. They are also FDA approved. We have a dozen of his formulas here. You may literally notice a difference right away or it may take a few days, but some times the longer you've had the issue, the longer it may take. It just depends on your system and any other underlying issues tha tmay be causing the problem (which I wouldn't think there are any for the TMJ).

I've gotten to see the head man himself talk at a health convention the past couple of years and he's amazing. If you try it, let me know how it works for you!

Fish Food said...
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Fish Food said...

Everyone's allowed to get a bit boo-hoo once in while! You don't do it very often, do you? Like once every 2 years or so?

I reckon everyone would agree to let you off; we're just more concerned that you feel better, that's all.