Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freaky Friday!

After three attempts to remove Thinkpoint from my computer, including a total scrub of the hard drive, it's still f*cked up. Which means I'll have to haul it BACK to the computer dude (because they're too SPESHUL to come to YOU, doncha know) for yet another attempt.

This is getting old.

And! I lost all my bookmarks, all my favorite blogs, so I need some help. If you are in the list over there to the left under "Interesting People", I already have your site saved. If you read this, and you're NOT on the list over there, please let me know so that I can find you again. Email me at rockycat24(AT)yahoo(DOT)com or leave a note in the comments. Thank you!


Here we go: Freaky Friday!

You should be able to click that pic to embiggen. It's a movie poster for "In the Realms of the Unreal", which is an absolutely fascinating documentary about Henry Darger, who was either a genius or crazier than a shithouse rat, or possibly a little of both. People who devote their entire lives to their art, especially if said art is a little out there, fascinate me. This dude spent his whole life inventing and chronicling a fantasy world where children fight the forces of evil. And nobody ever even found out about all he was doing until after he was dead, which is a bummer, because he never got any recognition during his lifetime.

Happy Freaky Friday, everybody, and have a happy Halloween! I think I'll give away my computer to a trick-or-treater.


Heather said...

That really bites that they still can't get it right, maybe the trick or treaters will know more than the professional! LOL! Some times I wonder...

Interesting poster, never heard of the movie or the guy.

Fish Food said...

The guy's name was ringing a bell and I've just looked him up.

Poor, poor man; like you say "either a genius or crazier than a shithouse rat, or possibly a little of both".

I felt really sad for him and his life.