Thursday, October 07, 2010

Freaky Friday - Feline Faction

Ah, alliteration. What a great way to annoy people.

This toy was one of my pity purchases:

He sat in a dusty corner of the antiques store for so long that I finally couldn't stand it anymore, bought him, and brought him home. And now he's commandeered the remote.

I'll bet they sell a lot of stuff that way. "Hmmmm, let's see, how can we make this look more pathetic?"

Here's a bowl that a local artist made:

I like the teeth.

Stay tuned, because later on today I hope to put up a Public Service Announcement regarding Frontline!* I KNOW! You can't wait!

*Preview: It doesn't work.


Domestic Kate said...

I love those teeth too! hilarious.

Thanks for the word about Frontline. The cats don't seem to have problems with fleas here for some reason, and the last time I used it, it seemed to work. I'll have to see what the vet says when they go in next month. I don't think ticks are much of a problem here anyway. Good to know, though!

Rob said...

After looking at all of your "stuff" for the last how-many-months, I've conservatively estimated that your house must be at least 6,000 sq. ft. in size to hold all of it.

P.S. The plate is extra cool ...

rockygrace said...

Hmmm, Kate, maybe your part of the country has no fleas - wouldn't that be cool?

And Rob, 6,000 sq.ft.?! I wish. No, actually, I don't, because I wouldn't want to have to clean 6,000 sq.ft. of house.

Let's face it, I'm not all that great at cleaning what I've got ...

Fish Food said...

Love that bowl!