Monday, October 25, 2010


One good thing about going out on a rainy, gloomy day is that you've got the woods to yourself.

There was that one horrifying moment when I sneezed a big sneeze and ... well ... I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about it, but other than that it was all good.

I don't know what kind of pine tree this is, but its needles were just as soft as down:

Back home, it was time to put up the Halloween bats, with help from The Runt:

And then I caught the end of the Bills game, which ... all I can say about that is, I sure know how to pick 'em. NOT.
Oh! Oh! And later, on The Amazing Race, came the best line I've heard all week. The poor vegetarian girl had to, like, eat the face off a (dead) (cooked) cow in order to stay in the game, and as she choked down the meat she grimly smiled and said, "Tastes like money!"
So, okay, question of the day: If you were a vegetarian, would you eat meat in order to have a chance at a million bucks? What's the worst thing you'd do for a chance at a million? What WOULDN'T you do for a chance at a million?
See, I haven't smoked for a year and a half now, and I have no intention of smoking again, but if I had to smoke a pack of cigs to advance to the next round, I'd do it. I could eat gross food, as long as it didn't involve live bugs or anything that had gone rotten. I couldn't do any kind of bungee jumping or anything that involved heights. No way. And I couldn't do anything, like, ethically bad.
How about you?


~~Silk said...

Actually, it was a sheep's head, which *I* wouldn't have been able to eat. The mere smell of mutton makes me retch.

I'm always amused that on TAR and Survivor, it always seems to be the vegetarians who end up eating the weird meats. I've occasionally wondered what vegetarians would do if asked to at insects, like fat juicy larvae or something.

Me? I would not do something I consider immoral for the chance of a million. I probably would for the guarantee of a million, depending on what the task was.

~~Silk said...

Oops. That's "eat insects", not "at insects". My e-key is iffy.

rockygrace said...

Oh, it was a sheep? I was afraid to look too closely.

And yeah, there's a difference between a million bucks and a CHANCE at a million, although I'm still not bungee jumping.

Badass Nature Girl said...

I am somewhat of a vegetarian. There's a certain word for it, but I can't think of it right now. I'll eat cheese and some times eggs and I love white meat, but I can't stand red meat most times. My husband cooks meat all of the time and I can't stand it (although I don't mind Buffalo meat). I won't even buy red meat the store, it makes me want to gag, so he has to do those purchases. I would be pretty hard pressed to do any thing that involved strange food, or anything else, for money.

Bridgett said...

I'm a vegetarian. Meat for a million, no problem. Sheep eyes or rattlesnake or haggis, bring it on. I'm overall not all that money motivated, though (obviously...I'm a history prof!), and so degrading or subjectively unethical, no.

the queen said...

I appreciate the juxtaposition of the sneeze paragraph and the puddle photo.

rockygrace said...

You know, the thing about the food challenges is that they have to eat SO MUCH of it. It's never, like, a bite or two, it's like five POUNDS of food. That's enough to make anybody toss it.

And queen, ha, I didn't even notice that! You see, I did this giant sneeze, and there was a whistle around my neck because I was out in the woods, and ... oh, never mind. Sorry.

Heather said...

If it came down to eating yucky things for a million, I guess I would have to stay poor. There are just so many things that are never going to be eaten by me!

Fish Food said...

Nope, no yucky things for £million. Bleuch! No haggis (and I'm Scottish!), no blackpudding, no bugs, grubs or wiggly things. And definitely NO sheep's heads. God, that is disgusting.

I would have to just stay poor.

And on a separate thing completely.. why do you wear a whistle in the woods? Is it a safety thing?

rockygrace said...

Yeah, it's for safety. I do carry a cell phone, but if I'm way out in the woods, sometimes I can't get reception, so I wear the whistle as a way to attract help if I, like, fall and break my leg or something. God forbid.