Monday, August 31, 2009

Whyyyyy ....... WHHYYYYYYY?????

..... picture Nancy Kerrigan, clutching her knee and rocking back and forth.

Hahahahaha, it's really not that bad, I swear, but imagine my surprise on Saturday morning when I got ready to take my first shower in the new place, turned on the water, got it set to the right temp, flipped the lever to activate the showerhead, and ........


The shower does not work, people. Woe is me! I am NOT a bath person, I am a SHOWER person, and the fact that I somehow did not check the showerhead when I did the walk-through is just stupidity on my part.

So! I showered back at the apartment over the weekend (oh, and the awful new landlord called me SEVERAL TIMES on Sunday morning to find out when, exactly, I would be out of the place - thank God that the new landlord will not be MY landlord .......), and a plumber is coming out tomorrow afternoon to check out the shower. Between now and then, guess I'll have to grit my teeth and take a bath. or two. *shudder*

But! I am all moved in. I was going to wait on Friday and take the cats after everything else had been moved, but The Runt was acting all hinky Friday morning, jumping in and out of the car and generally freaking out, so I packed up him and Little Girl and they went to the new place with the first load. Little Girl even got to ride in a pickup truck! She was not amused.

We got the first load to the house, only to discover that the roofers were there to finish the ventilation work. Nice timing, guys! And apropos of nothing, I smoked a LOT, back when I smoked, but those roofers put me to shame. They were there for several hours, and I swear, they both chainsmoked the entire time. Maybe it's some kind of roofing rule or something.

Anyhow, I got the cats set up in the spare room and we proceeded to unpack the truck/trailer. The cat door was installed, the windows were repaired (did I mention that some of the bedroom windows and the bathroom window had been screwed shut? and somehow set up so that if you did manage to open the bottom part, the top part would slam down on your fingers like a guillotine? I guess the previous owner had been making preparations against the coming zombie invasion.), and my moving help (thanks guys!) left around two. I made one more trip to the apartment to gather up odds and ends (which turned out to be a FULL WAGON LOAD, why do I own so much CRAP?) and then I went back to the new place and ..............

oh holy cow this is running on way too long. More later.


FART!! said...

Moving is always a nightmare; you always wonder why there is just so much rubbish! why on earth have you kept X, Y and Z, when patently they are absolutely useless... oh, but they might come in handy1

Yeah, right.

Happy moving and re-acquainting yourself with all your stuff!

Bridgett said...

I make it a point not to acquire anything the size of a pen but a pen. Little teensy bits of kid crappage (all of which must be saved like it was touched by St. Teresa of the Little Flowers) is the worse during a move. I would rather move fifty big book boxes than have to figure out what to do with several handfuls of small kid-chokers.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, it's the little crap that'll kill ya .......