Friday, August 21, 2009

My Million-Dollar Idea .....

..... mini-bananas!

Seriously, I can't eat a whole banana at one sitting. That's just too much banana; it makes me feel queasy. And once you break the seal on a banana, the rest of it goes brown and yucky at warp speed.

So there should be mini-bananas, maybe a third of the size of a regular banana.

Is brilliant! Get on that, would ya?

Oh! And here's another great idea! Gas-grill propane tanks that have a gauge showing how much propane is left in the tank.

You're welcome!


kitkat said...

The propane gauge is an excellent idea, but don't they already have baby bananas?

Bridgett said...

Yes, they already sell baby bananas up here. They are, I guess, just a different variety, but they are about a third of the size of a standard Cavendish variety banana.

rockygrace said...

Looks like I'll have to find another grocery store - mine only sells the regulation size.