Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She's got legs

I understand that a lot of women have problems with body image. And honestly, I think I've got the opposite problem - I think I'm better looking than I actually am. But, come on, look at these legs!

Granted, the angle of the photo makes my thighs look huge and my feet look like tiny Barbie feet, but still! There's some fine lookin' gams!

I like my shoulders, too. And my upper back. Granted, there's lots of scars from where moles were removed, but still, my shoulders are pretty cool. I like my hands, too, even if they are starting to get that vein-y, old lady look.

I've never liked my nose or my chin, but what can you do? And maybe I could be a little more endowed, boob-wise, but naw. Big boobs just garner the wrong kind of attention.

Fess up - what do you like about your body?


inflammatory writ said...

You DO have great legs!

I have good shoulders, and I have fantastic boobs. Other than that, I can take me or leave me. :)

Bridgett said...

Collarbones...love my collarbones and the line of my shoulders. My hands are very small, but I like that they look like they've done some work. I love my eye color and shape (big brown eyes) and I've got a good smile (blessed with teeth that are big and white, but not Eleanor Roosevelt/British Royals horsey mouth). I like the color of my hair, even the strands that are going white. But my brain is my best feature.

kitkat said...

I had no idea you were such the exhibitionist :) You have a reason to like your legs, I think.

I like my calves and my back, although I wish my hips and butt were in proportion to my back, but I blame the lower half rather than the upper half. My breasts are way too big for me, but I'm learning to appreciate them.

Danger said...

Your legs are awesome. I am jealous.

I have lovely eyes and hands. My feet are nice as far as feet go. I have a sweet curve to my lower back and a fantastic rack. Overall I have some serious body-hate issues going on.

Becs said...

The fact that I have less time in it now than I did a few seconds ago...?

And yes, the antidepressants really are working. What else can you say when you go to the hairdresser asking to look like Susan Boyle because it's a huge improvement?

FART!! said...

Great legs!!!

I've taken photos like that before (testing my camera) and it just shows up all my cellulite!

Lucky you!