Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Internet service is spotty this morning, so I'll try to do a quick update before everything goes kerflooey again.

This weekend, I ..........

.... met my new next-door neighbors! Who turned out to be the parents of a guy I went to high school with. Small world.

.... finished mowing the lawn. FINALLY. It turns out the key to the pull-cord thingie is to not pull it out all the way. Guess I don't know my own strength. Heh.

.... convinced a buddy to come dig out the giant bushes on either side of the front door. After several hours of (his) sweating and swearing and finally sawing the bastards off at the base, ended up at Home Depot looking at "Stump Killer". Directions on the container of "Stump Killer" are basically as follows: Drill a bunch of holes in the stump. Fill holes with Stump Killer and wait four to six weeks. After four to six weeks, fill drilled holes with kerosene and light the stump on fire. Did I mention that these bushes are right next to my front door? Looks like I'll live with the stumps.

.... gave away the other "staging" shrubbery to the neighbors. Thanks for taking those off my hands, guys!

.... figured out the attic stairs, which pull down from the garage ceiling and are really too tall for me to manage. Turns out a stepladder is necessary to access the attic ladder. Success!

.... discovered that the seller left a shitload of junk in the attic. Thanks, pal!

.... fixed the overhead fluorescent light in the bathroom. Bad ballast, my butt. It just needed some new bulbs. Go figure! But it's still awful dark in there. More thinking is needed on this one.

.... cleaned out the shed. And managed to bean myself, as in the drop-to-your-knees variety of beaning, on the overhead roof support, twice. I'm a slow learner. With a sore head.

.... planted brown-eyed Susans by the mailbox. Purty!

.... bought and learned how to use a weedwhacker.

.... hauled five wagonloads to the new house. And hauled one wagonload of new-house-attic crap back to my place, to be taken to the thrift store.

Whew! This moving is hard work! Who knew?!


Danger said...

Congrats on your numerous accomplishments. What's up with sellers leaving things in attics? Ours left behind various goodies like an old birdcage and a giant fish pillow.

rockygrace said...

I'll trade you half a set of Currier & Ives coffee cups and sports-team-themed curtains with logos from teams that no longer exist for your birdcage and fish pillow!

listie said...

The owner of our first house left us with a two-story barn full of crap, not to mention the cistern in the basement that was also full of moldy junk.

It sounds as if you're making great progress. Congratulations.

rockygrace said...

Listie, I think I'd break down and cry if faced with a cistern full of moldy stuff. You've got more fortitude than I do.