Friday, August 15, 2008

The Wild Bunch, Part 2

The shelter worker and I headed back to the kitten room. She explained that they had separated the feral two from the adoptable two. We got to the cages, and she said, "These are the feral two. The two boys."

Except it wasn't two boys in the cage. It was The Runt (a boy), and Little Girl.

I pointed this out to her; we did some, um ..... checking of parts (Little Girl and Tuffy, who was deemed "adoptable" along with Fluffy, are virtually identical, except Tuffy's a boy) (I know this is getting confusing; I'm sorry!), and it turned out that yes indeed, The Runt and Little Girl, my two favorites, had been deemed feral and unadoptable.

So I grabbed my two feral, unadoptable kittens, and headed home. Where they played and played and played and then slept, waking to hop up on the bed several times during the night to nuzzle my face and purr.

The Wild Bunch. *snort*

That's The Runt in front, and Little Girl in back, after I brought them home last night.


Bridgett said...

Clearly, not feral. Just bonded to you and nobody else.

A big heart-felt "AAaaaaaawwwww!" at this point feels about right

Rockycat said...

Isn't it great?

As I wrote, I do not know what the shelter does with "unadoptable" kittens, but it sure looks like I made the right decision (with everyone's help).


Bridgett said...

I suspect they set them aside as "unadoptable" and therefore free to a) reserve them for you and b) to give them to you as a thank-you for your help in housing orphan kitties. But that's just a guess.