Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pop Quiz

Okay, so that last post got me thinking about aging (bleeecccchh), so here's a pop quiz that will veer wildly off tangent after the first question, 'cause that's how I roll.

Would you rather be ..............

1. Twenty or forty (assuming you would somehow stay that age for the rest of your life)?

2. Too hot or too cold?

3. Pretty or smart?

Here's my answers:

1. Forty. I was pretty much an idiot when I was twenty, and my life was all about the drama. I didn't even START to acquire any common sense until some time in my mid-thirties.

2. Close call, but I'd have to say too hot. I'm at the office right now, where it is FREEZING, because the guys insist on keeping the AC at sub-zero temps. I'd rather be too hot than be sitting here shivering.

3. Pretty. So sue me. You don't really have to put a bag over my head, but I'm not exactly a knockout, thanks in part to my Roman nose (thanks, Dad!). I'd like to see what Pretty is like.

Bonus question! Can anyone recommend a good (scoopable) cat litter that doesn't cost a fortune? Rocky always went outside, and now that I am faced with a litterbox, I've been trying out different litters, and they all pretty much FAIL. Has anyone tried the "Feline Pine" that Crapmart sells? Kthxbai!


Bridgett said...

1) Forty. I'm not nearly as good-looking, but I'm a ton happier.
2) Too cold. Too cold is easily fixed with a cup of tea and a sweater or a fleece blanket. Too hot is harder to remedy.
3) Smart. Pretty is perishable and depends on who is doing the looking, but smart stays longer and earns interest as you accumulate it.
4) Cat litter: the only scoopable kind that we've ever used that works for our cat is TidyCat, but it's like buying cable for your cat's ass, so we just take out the litter every week and use cheapo clay litter. (One advantage of having a young'un is that you can ask her to do the shit jobs.) That might not be workable with the two kittehs.

Rockycat said...

"buying cable for your cat's ass" - exactly!! Why is litter so expensive?

The problem I'm having with scoopables is the dust - when I, erm, remove the "clumps", a friggin' dust bowl rises up over the box. I don't know what's in that stuff, but I sure don't want to breathe it.

Bridgett said...

Can you say "toxoplasmosis"? Uh-hunh, I thought you could.

To avoid the dust stuff completely, you could switch to something like "Good Mews" or the other recycled paper brands...but I have been tempted to try this solution:

Especially since you work in an office that creates a lot of paper waste and probably has a shredder, this seems like an experiment that might work for you.

Rockycat said...

Shoot, Bridgett, make my own kitty litter?! I can barely make my own lunch! I can just imagine the debacle that would be me trying to make kitty litter. I envision lots and lots of swear words.

But thanks for the suggestion!

Jennifer said...

1) Forty. I'll take 40 over 20 any day, too. I'm much older, but I'm much wiser ;)

2) Too cold. I can always put on some extra clothes and cuddle up under a blanket.

3) Smart. Beauty fades.

4) The best litter I have ever found is the cheap scoopable stuff they sell at Aldi. Do they have an Aldi in your area? I love it because it clumps hard and really controls the odor.

Rockycat said...

Why yes, we do have an Aldi!

Thanks for the tip.