Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Think My Vet Reads My Blog .....

........ 'cause she hardly used her "squeaky voice" at all last night, and she was giving me the stinkeye throughout the visit.

Oh, Dr. B.! Please don't take offense! I remarked upon your voice because I had never heard a vet talk like that before! They're usually all gruff and no-nonsense.

Dr. B., if you have a blog and I hope you do, please feel free to talk smack about me there. Just make sure to send me the link so I can read my own beatdown, ok?


Bridgett said...

Maybe she was just torqued about something entirely different. Sounds like you went in the evening, so it's likely she was at the end of a long day of annoyances rather than she was grumping specifically at you over something you did.

She might also be irritated about shelter kittehs. Our vet thinks it is wonderful that we took the shelter kitteh but was aggravated that the shelter's health conditions were so generally bad and that they were (in her opinion) somewhat deceptive in the way that they provided palliative care for respiratory probs without actually curing the lung disorders. Kitty Jane appeared fine when we took her but once the meds weren't in the waterbowl, she clogged up with a pneumonia-like problem. Naturally, when my kitty began wheezing and coughing up a lung, I had visions of feline distemper dancing in my head.

Rockycat said...

You know, the shelter volunteers are doing great things, but I've never met a more disorganized group of people in my life. When I took back foster #3, Gigantic Farting Cat, I let them know that she had worms, so that she could be treated. They insisted that she could not POSSIBLY have worms and that she had BEEN wormed at the shelter, until they pulled her paperwork and whooops! She hadn't been wormed. Somebody was supposed to do it, and didn't.

I don't mean to dis the shelter volunteers. It seems like their system could use a little organization. Which is hard to accomplish, I know, when you're perpetually short-staffed.