Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well Okay Then!

Whew! Thanks to everybody for your support these last few days.

I had been talking to my sister Texas earlier in the week about trying to make this decision. She called me last night and she was all, "ummm ............ are you ok? I was worried about you and so I read your blog (she never reads my blog) (oh hi Texas!), and then I was really worried until I got to the end of that last post and I just wanted to make sure you're, you know, OK ......."

Awww! Great ........ now my blog is making people think I'm having a nervous breakdown! (oh wait ........ I kind of was having a nervous breakdown, wasn't I?)

ANYWAY, I am actually (relatively) calm this morning, and hopefully all the hand-wringing and AGONIZING and panic attacks are over with. I'll keep you posted. (and you're all, like, NO!! No! DON'T keep us posted!) Heh.

Ahhh yes - RockyCat the blog. Where the author goes batshit insane for all to see. Aren't you glad you stopped by?!


listie said...

Isn't that what BloggyLand is for?

Rockycat said...

I sure hope so!