Monday, August 04, 2008

Quick Question(s)

I got to see my youngest grand-nephew, H., yesterday. He is just learning how to walk and was wearing the cutest pair of what appeared to be little teeny cross-trainers.

My first pair of baby shoes, which I actually unearthed a while back while looking for something else up in the attic, were RIGID. I mean, it was like they were made of steel or something, they were so inflexible. And they had these incredibly slick soles, with no traction whatsoever. I mean, even if you already KNEW how to walk, any attempt to walk in those shoes would be destined to end in FAIL. Did anybody else have baby shoes like that? Or were my parents sadists? Or am I just SO OLD that those baby shoes were actually de rigueur back in, like, medieval times? Or, wait, were they maybe just for show, and I had another, more comfy pair to actually walk in? I'm so confused.

ALSO. I thought I saw something on TV the other night about Dog the Bounty Hunter being back on the air. Is this even possible? Wasn't he exposed as a horrible racist who threw the n-word around in a phone conversation?

OK, that's all my questions for right now. Feel free to add some questions of your own in the comments! But only if you answer mine first. (Kidding!) (Sorta).


kitkat said...

I can't help you on the baby shoes thing. My family has the incredible talent of actually being able to get rid of stuff. We nearly do it to a fault. I have zilch from my childhood except photos, and I don't think I was wearing shoes in any of the photos I remember seeing.

I think I've seen previews for new episodes of Dog. I don't watch the show, but I guess he's back. If he can get away with that hair, he can get away with anything.

Rockycat said...

I WISH I could throw stuff out. I keep thinking I've gotta have a garage sale, just to get the attic cleaned out. (I don't think I'd sell the baby shoes, though!)

I went to a party last Halloween, and the guy who won the costume contest was dressed as Dog. (That was before Dog was outed as a racist). Who calls themself "Dog", anyway?!

listie said...

Yup; those baby shoes were considered the proper footwear for learning how to walk. They were still the standard when my oldest was born, but were fast going out of style in favor of cuter, more flexible footwear. If I remember correctly, the idea was those big, white baby shoes were important for "ankle support."

Bridgett said...

Yep, I had those and so did my older brother. The only way a baby could possibly walk in them is to learn to goosestep like a member of the Prussian Army. That explains a lot about our current foreign policy, maybe.

By the time I had my kid, I was advised to keep her out of shoes as long as possible and certainly any time when she was at home. She's got so much more balance than I did and still likes either bare feet or crocs/mocs. No hungering for high heels for her...

Rockycat said...

Glad to know I wasn't alone!