Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movie Review - "No Country For Old Men"

Disclaimer: I am a terrible movie reviewer. I have an attention span of, like, five minutes, and then I have to get up and go DO SOMETHING, so it can literally take me DAYS to watch a movie. And even when I'm actually WATCHING the movie, my mind tends to wander (Look! Something shiny!) so I end up watching some scenes over and over until they can sink into my wayward mind. So feel free to disregard this and any future movie reviews on this site, and feel free to disagree with my feeble opinions.

Warning: Minor spoilers may follow.

While I found this movie interesting, I don't think I'll be watching it again.

Although the blow-gun thing that the guy with the really bad haircut used was pretty cool.

I think this was based on a book by Cormac McCarthy, which explains some of the ...... weirdness. I have tried to like Cormac McCarthy, I really have; I just don't.

But! According to Netflix this movie is, like, two hours and twenty-odd minutes long. So I'm watching along, and watching, and bad haircut guy has a bone sticking out of his arm and buys a shirt from a kid, and then Tommy Lee Jones is talking about his dad, or maybe his grandpa, and then ........

The movie ended. Just ended. And the credits started rolling, and I'm all like whaaaaa? And I checked the DVD player and the movie had ended at almost two hours exactly.

So! When Netflix said it was two hours and twenty-odd minutes long, were they including the trailers? Or did I get some weird Reader-Digest-condensed-version of the movie, which would explain why it ended so suddenly?

I'm confused. As usual.


Bridgett said...

Maybe this will help.


Bridgett said...

Did I mention I'm exactly the same way with "intense" movies? And by "intense," I mean everything west of Bambi on the conflict-o-meter. It does not take much to get me off the couch rooting around for that fingernail file or rearranging the bathroom shelves or generally just la-la-lahing along in the kitchen or starting a new craft project that I read about somewhere. Oh, wait...there was a movie?

My husband now knows that he will be asked to watch movies for me and just tell me what happens. He edits or tamps down the scary or violent bits and my head stays blissfully free of crappage. It's a great time-saver, too.

Rockycat said...

Oh, having your husband watch movies for you is a GREAT idea!

I do like to watch the "intense" movies, but I always feel bad afterward. Like it was ME doing all that bad stuff up on the screen.