Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rose of Sharon

All three Rose of Sharons are in bloom. The one above, which I was told would have blue blooms, actually turned out to have pinkish/purple blooms. The one which I was told would have red blooms, actually has white blooms. Go figure! And the third one is blooming with double pink blossoms. Very pretty. And I actually girded my loins and pruned them all back so they're not all scraggly next year. I hate to prune - I can't stand to cut off blossoms. But now I have two big vases of flowers upstairs, so it's all good.

The "tree" hydrangea in the garden has also decided to bloom. Yay! The oriental lily smells just like bubble gum - you can smell it all over the back yard. And when I was up at the lake last weekend, Alabama gave me a potted lily that she bought at Lowe's which has buds on it, but no blooms yet. I hope it hurries up - the first frost will be coming soon. (Sigh).

I have no idea why all this stuff waited so late to bloom, but I'm glad it's all blooming now.

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Anonymous said...

That flower is absoloutely gorgeous.