Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Office Yuck

The boss just went into the bathroom, took a whiz, and flushed the toilet. All while talking to a client on his cell phone. If I was that client, I would have hung up the phone, then cancelled my contract. Am I overreacting?

Hack 'Em Up Ed brings in leftovers for lunch. Which is fine, except when he microwaves his food, it smells just exactly like what I imagine roadkill would smell like if you heated it up. Also, the office refrigerator is really small, and Hack 'Em Up Ed keeps stashing stuff in there like entire bottles of ketchup. The other day, he placed an entire stick of butter in the fridge. Huh?

Not one of these guys washes his goddam hands after using the bathroom. I actually had to put a sign over the toilet, "Flush After Using", because otherwise they wouldn't. Although things are improving somewhat. We have had (male) employees in the past who would pee all over the bathroom floor. I used to wonder if they did that at home, too.

The boss has been bringing his pain-in-the-ass, whiny, UNHOUSEBROKEN dog into the office. And it is up to the guys to walk it, because the boss would rather slit his wrists than walk his own fucking dog. (And for the record, I WILL NOT WALK THE FUCKING DOG. I went through years of that with his last pain-in-the-ass dog, and I have made it crystal clear that my office dog-walking days are OVER. So there.)

Hack 'Em Up Ed announced the other day that his sixteen year old son is in EIGHTH GRADE. (Kids are usually thirteen or fourteen in eighth grade.) This kid is not learning-disabled, just lazy with an intense dislike of education. And Hack 'Em Up Ed seems kind of proud of this, saying stuff like, "Heck, I went to vocational school, and I turned out o.k.!" Um, Ed? Not really.

Sorry about that. Just some random grumblings.


BoggyWoggy said...

Oh, man! You need to submit a letter to!
I hate your boss.
I hate your co-workers!
You must drink a lot in the evenings! :)

Rockycat said...

I sure do!