Friday, September 07, 2007

Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Or Not)

Last weekend, I went to Aqua Terra Park. First I walked around the pond. The trail is nice, but it is always, always, shoe-sucking-off muddy. It wasn't too bad this time, probably because it hasn't rained lately. There's a lot of other trails, too, but none of them are marked, and I always end up getting lost because I am directionally challenged (i.e., an idiot), so I stayed away from those on this particular visit.

Next, I got the bright idea to climb some of the old ski trails across the road (there used to be a ski resort there; you'd have to know this area to fully appreciate the ridiculousness of that particular idea). It turned out that climbing the trails wasn't the best idea I've had lately, because (a) I'm afraid of heights, and (b) hello, they're very, very, um, steep. I didn't embarrass myself as badly as the last time I was there, when I literally scooched my way back down a trail on my butt because I was too afraid to walk back down it (because it was steep), but still.

Anyhow, here's a pic of good ol "Lucky Hill", as it is called on the maps.

I know, it doesn't look that bad, but where the dirt road goes up the hill? It's practically straight up.

On the bright side, I did see some more kidwork:

They had built a diving board out over the pond. The pond where, supposedly, No Swimming is allowed. Stick it to The Man, kids!

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