Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rocky!

Today is my cat Rocky's 15th birthday. Here's some things that are great about Rocky:

He goes on vacation with me to the lake every summer. He spends most of his time underneath the cottage, but he comes out at night to sleep on the bed with me.

When I am sick, he is very patient about not getting fed on time. He's also very good about bringing me mice when I'm sick (maybe he's eating more of them than he's bringing to me, and that's why he's so patient about the late food).

He forgave me for the accidental, absolutely horrific "lion cut" a sadistic groomer gave him (it was my idea that he get a haircut - matted fur, you know). He has also forgiven me for having to board him when I've gone out of town, even though I know that has got to be the worst possible experience for a pet.

When confronted with the neighbor's dalmatian, instead of running away, he jumped onto the dog's back and dug in.

So Happy Birthday, Rocky!

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