Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Incense Saga

(and for those of you who just read that title as "The Incest Saga", minds out of the gutter, people!)

I have some "jasmine" scented incense that I LOVE.  Except it doesn't smell like jasmine to me; it smells like suntan lotion.  Coppertone, to be exact.  Which, to me, is the smell of summer.  (Thanks to many foolish teen years spent slathering myself with the stuff and baking in the sun.)  And I love to light up that incense in the middle of winter, because then my house smells like summer.

Except ... I was almost out of the jasmine incense.  And the store where I bought it (holla holla Dolla Store) didn't carry it anymore.  I had tried other "jasmine" incenses, but they smelled nothing (NOTHING!) like suntan lotion. So I started googling "incense that smells like suntan lotion".

Yeah, no, nada.


I did find references to a PERFUME that smells like suntan lotion.  Bobbi Brown's Beach scent, to be exact.


Bobbi Brown's Beach scent is not CHEAP, yo.  And I AM.

Off to ebay, where I found a knockoff.  A company called Body Exotic (hahaha I love ebay) was selling a "beach type" body spray ("smells like coppertone beach beach beach beach" hahaha) for eight bucks a pop.  Sold!

Now.  The suspense.  Would the perfume ACTUALLY smell like suntan lotion?  And most importantly, NOT like coconut suntan lotion, but like Coppertone?

Every day I checked the mailbox.  Yesterday when I got home from work, the package was there.  THE FIRST THING I did when I got in the house was rip open that package.  The cats were pissed, because THEY usually get FED first, but suck it, cats - my perfume is HERE!

I opened the package.  I spritzed the spray.  I inhaled.


It smells almost EXACTLY like Coppertone.  Like the "jasmine" incense that I love so much.

I can now die a happy woman, no lie.  My house can smell like summer in the dead of winter.  I may or may not have spritzed some on myself this morning before I left for work, but I'm not tellin'.


EPILOGUE!  I have since learned that Glade made a "limited edition" air freshener this summer called "Summer Swim" that ALSO smells like Coppertone.  Sadly, I cannot find it in any local stores, and ebay inexplicably wants more for it than I am willing to pay (it's AIR FRESHENER!  Sheesh!), so if anybody has any experience with Glade Summer Swim, please ... let me know?

I think I'm addicted to the smell of Coppertone.  Send help.


fmcgmccllc said...

Back in high school my BFF wore CopperTone lotion to school in the middle of winter and the guys went crazy for how she smelled.

rockygrace said...

I may or may not have worn suntan lotion in the dead of winter, just for the smell. And to remind me that it wouldn't always be twenty below with a foot of snow on the ground.