Wednesday, August 05, 2015

In the obits

So, the family members were going through photos of the deceased, looking for an appropriate one for the obit, and they picked ... this one.

Well okay then!

Put some clothes on, grandma.  Sheesh.


fmcgmccllc said...

Oh my. There is just too much to say on this one.

rockygrace said...

It almost looks like a Glamour Shot, doesn't it? I'm wondering if maybe it was the deceased's favorite picture of herself (!), and the family was just, like, "oh, what the hell, might as well."

and I'm always amazed at how odd some of the obit photos are. This person was your MOTHER (or brother, or uncle, or whatever) and all you have is one, thirty-year-old, out-of-focus (or inappropriate) photo of her? Yikes.

~~Silk said...

I have two theories.

1. It looks like a photo a husband might pick, as "that's the way I want to remember her".

2. The photo I wanted to use on Jay's obituary had him in 3/4 profile, looking down, and smiling. The newspaper rejected that one. They insisted that the eyes had to be fully visible and looking into the camera. A freakin' posed studio shot. They required that I submit two photos, and THEY'd choose the most appropriate (which pissed me off).
2a. This was the only one they had that met the paper's criteria, or
2b. Another photo was the family favorite, but she was looking to the side, so they included this one as the second thinking, "Heh heh, they'll never pick this one, they'll have to use the good one", kind of as an "I dare you", and were shocked when the newspaper said "I'll meet your bid and raise you one".


His cat Miss Thunderfoot was devoted to Jay during his last months, so I wanted to mention her in the obit, but the paper refused to mention pets, so I snuck her in as "his ward, Miss Kitty Thunderfoot" as a survivor.

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, that sounds like one picky newspaper! Around here, the relatives submit the obit and the pic, along with a hefty check*, and the paper prints it. No editing, no proof-reading, no questions asked. You wanna be on the good side of whoever's gonna be writing your obit, I'm just sayin'.

*the rates papers charge are criminal. No wonder they're all folding. (HA! See what I did there?)