Friday, August 28, 2015

It's that time of year again ...

Fair time!  Yaaaaaaaay!

The skies were threatening and the weather was cool, but living in Upstate sure prepares you for THAT, so I just wore jeans and a rain jacket instead of shorts and a tank top, and I was ready to go.

It was opening day, so the sand sculpture was just getting started:

The butter sculpture always draws a crowd:

Sea lions!  I usually feel bad for the animals at carnivals, but these sea lions were all rescued after being injured and could never be released back into the wild, and they seemed happy and playful, so it was fun to watch them.

Rockin' out to Everclear at Chevy Court:

The thing that surprised me most about Everclear, other than the fact that they're still around (ha), is that the lead singer, Art Alexakis, who is known to be pretty much a sour-ass douche, actually seemed to be enjoying himself yesterday.  Surprise!

See the gal in the blue shirt on the left, there?:

She was the sign-language interpreter, and while I have to question how many deaf people bother to go to concerts, she was having a good time, rocking along with the band.

Oh my god the QUILTS:

 Adirondack Mountain Cloggers:

That lady with the pink shoelaces HAD to be pushing ninety, and she wasn't all that steady on her feet, but she was out there cloggin' it up with the best of them, bless her heart.

This alpaca (llama?) thought I was kind of sketchy:

Oh, Fair, I love you so.  See you next year!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

alpacas think everyone is sketchy.

deaf people can feel the vibrations of the music

Becs said...

No surprise, the New Jersey state fair is held in a parking lot off the NJ Turnpike. One year a long time ago, they had it up, way up, in the NW mountainy part of the state and it was lovely. Only time I've ever been.

Your fair looks great.

Domestic Kate said...

Everclear! I saw them in concert way back in the day (1997-ish). No Doubt *opened* for them, if you can believe it.

My aunts make beautiful quilts. Wish I'd inherited that particular gene.

rockygrace said...

Tails, now I don't feel so bad - it's just an alpaca thing.

Becs, the fairgrounds are over three hundred acres, so there's lots of grass and trees interspersed with all the buildings and carnival stuff. New York State did something right for once. And walking it all day is exhausting. :)

and Kate, I was in my thirties when Everclear hit the big time. (and Art Alexakis and I are six months apart in age - fun fact!) It's so weird to be old and see these bands come and go (and end up playing for free at the State Fair - ha.).