Friday, August 14, 2015

Pop-pop update

Okay, first off, I managed to find some Glade Summer Swim on clearance at Target last night, and ... it smells nothing like Coppertone. NOTHING.  It smells like pineapple, which ... yuck.  The person who said it smelled like suntan lotion (it was James Lileks, btw.  FIE on you, Mr. Lileks) was WRONG.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Sodapop was acting mysteriously.

Not long after starting him the steroids, he started spending less time in the cupboard.  First he stayed in the kitchen, then he started coming into the living room, then the bedroom.

Last weekend, he started going outside again.  First, just into the garage, then into the yard.  While I'm not thrilled with that step, because it was kind of a relief knowing where at least ONE of my cats was at all times, I kind of figured he'd start going out again eventually.

Now?  He's pretty much back to normal, well, as normal as Soda gets, anyway.  He's off the steroids and hasn't gone into the cupboard at all lately, and he's sleeping up on the bed again at night.

What happened?  I have no idea.  I don't know why he acted odd originally, I don't know if the meds had anything to do with his improvement, and I don't know why he's acting fine now.

But I'm glad he's doing better.

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