Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kitten Update!

Let's see, when last I wrote about goings-on in the foster room, the Terrific Trio were residing there.

They're still here:

That's Apple Pie, Chloe, and Watson, from left.

"Go 'way, laydee!  We iz havin' a meetin'!":

Last Saturday, they needed to visit the rescue to get their vaccinations started.  While I was there, the woman who runs the rescue was telling me about another kitten who needed a foster home.

Turns out that a woman who runs a local gas station had called her.  One of her customers had stopped to get gas, and while he was filling up, he noticed something FALL OUT FROM UNDERNEATH HIS TRUCK.  When he looked to see what it was, it was a kitten.

The kitten had evidently crawled up into the engine compartment of his truck (more common in the wintertime around here) on one of his previous stops and gone for a ride.  Unfortunately, it had gotten injured by the moving parts of the engine, and when it fell out of the truck at the gas station, it was badly hurt. Which is when the rescue was called in.

When the woman who runs the rescue got to the gas station, she didn't think the kitten was going to make it.  It was too young and too badly injured.  But she rushed it to the vet, who said that while it had a broken leg and some severe lacerations, the injuries were not life-threatening and the cat could be saved.  The lacerations could be stitched up, and the broken leg could be pinned back together.

But how to pay for the surgery?

Well, before the woman who runs the gas station called the rescue, she called the local DCO (Dog Control Officer).  And while the DCO said he could not help with a cat, he is friends with the woman who runs the rescue, and when he found out that the cat was savable if the money could be raised for surgery, he started a GoFundMe.  Lo and behold, people stepped up, the surgery was done, and

meet Mikette.

It was originally thought that the kitten was a boy, because most orange cats are boys, and the guy whose truck it fell out of (who donated money for the surgery) asked that it be called Mike.  But once the kitten was at the vet, it was quickly discovered to be a little GIRL kitten, and thus ... Mikette.

After her surgery, Mikette went to a temporary foster home, where she was fussed over and loved.  But that foster home could not keep her, and when the woman who runs the rescue asked if I could fit her in with my foster brood, well ...

I call her Mikey.

Her little broken leg continues to heal and strengthen, and while she is awfully thin, she is improving, and the outlook is just fine.

Welcome to Foster Camp, Mikey!  I hope you enjoy your stay.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Mike.. lol. that's cute. Mikey, I like it. Glad she was able to be saved.

Becs said...

Hurrah! Welcome home (for a while), Mikey!

rockygrace said...

Right now, Mikey is struggling with an upper respiratory infection she brought with her from the rescue. She is awfully boogery and goopy and feeling miserable, but she'll be back on the mend again soon. Poor baby.