Monday, August 24, 2015

Pics from the river

 I didn't go kayaking this weekend because my house was a pigsty, the lawn was a field, and the fridge was bare.  I've been seriously remiss in my housekeeping these past weeks and it was time to put a dent in the disorder.  Plus, one of the foster kittens came down with a serious case of the shelter snots, necessitating a visit to the walkin vet on Saturday, and I didn't want to venture too far from home with her sick.  But I did manage to do a creek walk down to the river yesterday.

Baby crayfish!:

Crayfish vs. foot - can you spot him?:

This blue heron stayed just ahead of me all the way down the creek.  There was a green heron, too, but I didn't manage to get a pic of him.


These ducks were on the river - gray bodies and brown heads - I don't know what they are, so if someone would care to enlighten me, I'd be grateful:

A pretty sunflower on a summer day:


~~Silk said...

Merganser. The various cousins come in a variety of colors and headgear, but these seem to be Common Merganser hens. The male looks more formal, without the punk hairdo.

rockygrace said...

Thanks, ~~Silk. Love the Don King haircuts.