Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I splurged and bought a pair of swimming-pool-blue tights at Crapmart the other night.  When I went to put them on this morning, I discovered that they were not tights but leggings.  What the hell, Crapmart?  There is a difference between tights and leggings.  Please label your products accordingly.

Little girls look cute in leggings.  I?  Do not look cute in leggings.

I am still sick.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Dear C-diff:  F*ck you.

It started raining about a week and a half ago, and with the brief exception of Sunday afternoon, has not stopped since.  Last night we got an inch of rain in an hour, and Tinks, for reasons I cannot fathom, decided that he wanted to be out in it.  He came in soaked.  I do not understand that cat.

Remember the lily I planted?  The one where I suspected the labeling was wrong, and would thus have to wait until it bloomed to see what color it was?  Yeah.  The deer ate almost all of the buds off of it.  I swear to GOD I'm gonna buy a gun.

My neighbor T. brought donuts over to share on Sunday.  It's nice to have a neighbor who is willing to share her donuts.

I usually take some time off this time of the year, but not knowing if my vacation is going to be pre-empted by hospitalization is putting a crimp in my plans.  Dear C-diff:  F*ck you.

Every Sunday afternoon, around four, a pickup-truck full of teens pulls into the park next door.  They head into the woods, come back out after around an hour, and leave.  I would say "party", but there's no loud noise, no coolers, and they're never there for very long.  Meth lab?  D&D?  I'm gonna have to go poke around down in there, because now I'm getting curious.


Wayne said...

You should definitely venture into those woods - can't wait for the blog post on that one!

rockygrace said...

If it ever stops raining, I'll be on top of it, Wayne! Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, and I thought of another random - Am I the only one who thinks the new Firefox logo looks like the fox just lit a fart? It's kind of awesome, actually.

the queen said...

Fuck that cDiff. Number three made me think of you. (I think they missed an opportunity not making it Number Two.)

rockygrace said...

queen, I'll have to check that out. Although knowing Cracked, I may regret it ...

spiffi said...

I haven't ever had a deer problem, since I live in town :) but I was reading on another blog recently, that if you take Irish Spring soap, and shave it into chunks, and put the chunks in an old knee-high stocking, and hang it near plants/trees you want to protect, that the deer avoid those...might be worth a try if you haven't tried it before?

rockygrace said...

Thanks for the suggestion, spiffi, but soap (Irish Spring or otherwise) doesn't work with my particular deer, although some of my friends have had success with it.

The only thing that works for me for sure is the deer netting, but I never remember to put it on until the deer have already eaten half the plants. D'oh!