Saturday, February 16, 2008

There Is, Indeed, A "List"

While at the vet's yesterday afternoon, the vet let me know that although his office would be closed this weekend, another local vet would be taking his emergency calls. Then he said, "We're going to put you on the "list". If you need to call this weekend, and you get the answering service, just tell them you're on the "list", and they'll put you right through to me". Hmmm. I always suspected such "lists" existed, but I never knew for sure until now.

Comforting and disquieting, all at the same time.

The vet called last night with the results of the lab work from yesterday. He said that Rocky had a very high white blood cell count. I said, "that means cancer, right?" And he said, "no, that means infection, as opposed to cancer". He said that he was actually encouraged by the finding, because it will help to narrow things down, and it is pointing away from cancer. I have to take his word on this, because I know nothing about things medical.

So, Rocky will continue on the antibiotics, and we go back on Monday for more x-rays.


letti said...

sorry to hear about Rocky. Hope he gets well soon. Pets' health affects us way more than a lot of people might think.

Rockycat said...

Thank you for the good wishes!

historyprof0 said...

Infections can be fought and the runs mean that bacteria is leaving the system -- so that's one good thing. My only tip is to make sure that he's getting enough water. Sometimes when they feel punky (especially if they are constantly at the litterbox), they don't drink enough.

Looking forward to hearing that he's on the mend.

listie said...

Here's hoping for a peaceful weekend and no need to make use of "the list."