Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Don't Even Know What That Is

I just dropped my car off for an oil change. The guy asked me which oil change service I wanted, and when I said "huh?" he pointed to a laminated placard on the counter with their three levels of oil change service:

1. "Good" - i.e., You hate your car, and it will soon drop dead to spite you because you bought the cheapest oil change.

2. "Better" - You are demonstrating a little car love, but for pete's sake, don't be a cheapskate, just jump on up to -

3. "Best" - You clearly love your car, and it will run forever because you bought the most expensive oil change.

OK, you all know which one I picked. Anyway, I was reading the lists of services under all the different levels, and the last item on each one was "free courtsey check". And all I could think was, "Shit! I don't even have a skirt on today! Can you even courtsey in slacks?"

Of course, I know they meant "courtesy". And as it turns out, that funky little bow of respect is spelled "curtsy". Which just looks wrong to me; way too close to "crusty". Actually, if it was up to me, "courtsy" would be the correct spelling. Of course, it's not up to me.

This particular place is part of a franchise with, like, nine billion locations, and I am sure that the laminated placard is on the counter in each one. I wonder if anyone besides me is curious about that free "courtsey" check. Probably not. I'm just weird like that.


letti said...

ooo if my guess is right ( maybe ), when we go to our friendly neighborhood Wally World tonight ( hey, gotta get supplies to cook up one er, semi passable chinese new year meal for the FIL ), I will try and sneak a peek at any laminated placards.. :P

Rockycat said...

Nope, not Wally World! Even I'm not cheap enough to let Wally World work on my car! But, good guess!

Oh, and please post pics of the Chinese New Year meal on your blog! I love your food photos (especially the cream puff ones ... yum!)