Monday, February 11, 2008


Six degrees and windy is just not right. It should be illegal.

Victor on The Young & The Restless is being such an asshat lately that I think he's finally gonna put me off the show for good. Enough is enough. Plus, twenty-odd years is long enough to watch any show. Unless it's the news.

Out of boredom, I decided to paint my bathroom. And because it is February and I am being driven slowly insane by the weather, I decided to paint the ceiling a sky blue, the walls a light green, and the trim "fuschia fizz", which looks exactly like it sounds. So! I got the ceiling done, and it looks really cool. Then I started with the green walls, and ........ I'm rethinking. I mean, it's a lovely light shade of green, but I'm afraid if I do all the walls that color, it'll look like the inside of a toothpaste tube. I'm all for "different", but not "bad different". So, the walls that I've already painted will stay green, but I'm thinking about yellow for the other walls. No off-white for me - I want COLOR, dammit!

It really does pay to buy better paint. I had been dicking around with the cheap shit from CrapMart, but on Sunday I splurged and bought Kilz, and holy cow is it worth it! One coat! Whoopee!

When you are walking around a store with a quart of light green and a quart of Fuschia Fizz, everybody feels free to add their two cents about your color choices. Shove it, peeps - it's my bathroom. And you're sporting a really lousy haircut.

Soup explosions never happen in the microwave at home - only in the microwave at work.

The first new episode of Lost was just so-so, but the second episode rocked, so I'll keep watching. On the other hand, the first new episode of Survivor was so lame that I may never watch that show again. On the plus side, Johnny Fairplay is gone. On the minus side, Yao Min is still there. (I felt stupid even typing "Johnny Fairplay". I hope to god that kid's fifteen minutes of fame are over with.)

Spell-check still not working. WTF?

Did I mention that it's six degrees out? And windy? Suck.


baseballmom said...

Ewwww, Johnny Fairplay looked SO gross! His teeth were like, gray, and his pasty white gut was just really unattractive! I'm SO glad he's gone.

Anonymous said...

I never use my spell check on blogger. Just assume that it'll make sense anyway.

Anonymous said...

I would also love to see photos of the painted room when it's finished.

We have off white all over the place - because it's new - but we'll need to start thinking about painting soonish!

Rockycat said...

I actually remembered to take "before" pics, so sure, I'll do a "before and after". If I ever finish it.