Tuesday, February 12, 2008

But Isn't That What Blogging Is?

Cartoon in The New Yorker:

Two women are at a cocktail party. One woman says to the other: "Tonight I'll be performing a monologue about where I like to shop, my hair color, and something my mother did that upset me."

Yep, that's my blog.


ingrid said...


letti said...

heheh... us and our mundane lives is right. BUt hey, it's an outlet, aye? :)

listie said...

Like I say in my profile, this is where I whine about my life.

Rockycat said...

This is definitely an outlet for me. On the other hand, you guys get stuck reading it ...... sorry. But on the OTHER other hand, I read your blogs, too, so maybe what we have here is a mutual venting society.