Friday, February 29, 2008

Guest Post!

My sister Texas, with whom I am staying, has graciously agreed to do a guest post! This is her first ever blog entry. May I now present my sister Texas, with her terrifying true tale of The Cannibal Mice of Conklin Ave. Take it, sister!

Hi! Many moons ago I bought a really old home on Conklin Ave (1880's). Old stone foundation, slate roof, etc. It was just a little townhome, two story. The first major renovation was the bathroom, up on the second floor above the kitchen. What a mess! They had to rip it all apart - there was a full flight of stairs in the bathroom going up to the attic. Anyway, when they were finished, I was in the kitchen one night and heard this scrabbling noise. I looked all around and couldn't see anything, so I started opening the cabinet doors one by one. Finally I opened the doors above the stove and there were six mice eyes looking at me. I slammed the doors shut and decided that they would have to find their own way out. Well I guess that the workers had sealed off the bathroom floor (above the cabinets) while they were there and there was no way out. Several weeks later I summoned the courage to open the doors again and found that one mouse had eaten the other two, leaving only little puffs of fur and bones. And then there was just that one fat mouse staring back at me. Totally freaked out, I did the only logical thing, which was shut the cabinet doors again. What the fate of the last mouse was, I will never know. I never opened those cabinet doors again.

(RockyCat) - Thanks so much for that guest post! Let's hear it for my sister!!

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bridgett said...

Ewwww! I once found a baby mouse that had sort of mummified in a drawer - it had gone flat and leathery and almost translucent, but was still identifiable as a mouse. Not as good as your story, though.