Friday, December 31, 2010

Notes from New Year's Eve at the office

1. Oh, shit, didn't we just do this?

2. My boss is an asshole. He thinks that by forcing his employees to work on holidays, it makes him look powerful. Actually, all it makes him look is like an asshat, but you can't convince HIM of that.

3. I KNOW that every other blogger in the free world is doing that boring-ass "Shit I did in 2010", 9,000 item list, and if YOU did it on YOUR blog I'm sure it's lovely, but frankly, I'd rather watch the religious channel than do that shit. And I have YET to make it past item seventeen or so on somebody else's list. Frankly? I don't care who you know who gave birth in the past year. I DON'T KNOW THEM. Jeezus. But! Because I am a giving person *cough*, here are just a few brief updates on things I've mentioned here recently.

- The toe. As it turns out, I can blame Jillian Michaels for this one, just as I can blame all my woes on Ms. Michaels. When I went up to Level 2 in the Shred, I discovered that it has an ass-ton of plank work, which basically forces your toes into a tip-toe position, except the rest of your body is horizontal instead of vertical. Fun! Bottom line: It's f*cking up my feet.

- The Runt's allergies. Some of you may remember how the vet and I struggled all summer and fall to get The Runt's digging and scratching and licklicklicking under control. As it turns out, a month or two of freezing cold weather is all it took to calm things down. Evidently his main allergy is to something that grows outside. He's completely off the steroids, and only has to take Chlortrimeton twice a week or so. Now we just have to wait and see what happens comes spring. Oh! And last night he hopped up on the bed next to me and was just purr purr purring like a loud little motor, which was just charming, truly, because The Runt is not a purr-er.

- The jaw. Remember that post I wrote about letting go, about having to learn to deal with chronic pain? A few weeks after I wrote that, the pain started to ebb, and I am almost back to normal now. I have no idea if the diminishment of pain had anything to do with my determination not to let it take over my life; somehow I doubt it, but I'll take whatever works at this point. Whew!

Okay! So! For all of you who were clicking around the blogosphere this morning, going, "Where the hell IS everybody?", here I am! You're welcome! Stay tuned, 'cause I'll be back a little later with a Very Special Episode of Freaky Friday, now with more porcupine!


Badass Nature Girl said...

If it makes you feel any better, I will not be listing any thing like that, infact, we do not even celebrate new years. Today is just another day!

rockygrace said...

BNG, did you get my email about the books? Let me know!

rockygrace said...

Whoops, just got around to checking my e-mail. You DID let me know - thanks!

Jupiter Family said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rockygrace said...

Oh hai! Is me! The blog administrator!

Jupiter Family, I'm very sorry, but I've never heard of you before, and I have no idea if those links you included in your comment were actually to fireworks or to, you know, something virus-y, so I took your comment down.

Happy New Year!

Little Girl::Big Glasses said...

Oh great. I've never done the 700 item recap before, then I finally do it and now the cool kids don't like it. Tragically unhip, again. At least I'm used to it. Happy new year! Sorry 'bout the toes.

Badass Nature Girl said...

Wow, when I got notification to my email about LGBG and her comment, there was a weird attachment from the postal service on it. Y'all better not give my computer any new year virus :o(

rockygrace said...

Little Girl:Big Glasses, I'll go check out your list. I promise.

And BNG, if anything bad happens, I'll go hunt down Jupiter Family and kill him.

Rob said...

Wow, no one ever gives me a virus. I guess that's good though, right?