Monday, December 13, 2010

Mouse! Rescue!

Oh boy, that was the big news around my house this weekend - the successful rescue of a field mouse! I've learned that the easiest way to do it is to wait for the cats to corner it, then go in with a cup and a piece of cardboard. Cup over the mouse, cardboard under the mouse, and you're off to the great outdoors.

Yesterday's rescue also involved a butterfly net*, which DID seem to make the process a little easier.

Oh! And I went for a walk yesterday and came back with a plant stand. I think I should audition for American Pickers.

And Saturday! I was driving on a two-lane road in a little nearby town when the cars ahead of me slowed and then came to a halt in both directions. I don't know if there was a fenderbender or WHAT, but all of a sudden people were jumping out of their cars and yelling at each other! It was very entertaining. I rolled down my window so I could hear better, OF COURSE, hoping no weaponry was going to be involved, but by then everybody was back in their cars and on their merry way, just like nothing had happened.

Kate, you KNOW what town I'm talkin' about.

Oh, and after seeing a giant stuffed gnu head this weekend, I think I'm gonna have to go see a lady about a porcupine.

How was YOUR weekend?

*Why do I have a butterfly net? For situations just like this. DUH.


Rob said...

It was a sasquatch, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Heh. Yeah, gotta love the small town. All those people yelling at each other probably knew (or were possibly related) to one another :-)

~~Silk said...

Well, I waited and came back to the comments to see if there was an explanation for the traffic thing. ????

Re the mouse: If you live-catch a mouse in the house, make sure you let them go VERY far away. Very. Preferably in a place a mouse would consider Heaven. Otherwise they come back. I learned that when I kept catching mice with bent tails. A spot of yellow paint behind the ear proved it was the same mouse over and over. A half mile wasn't too far for him to come back. It finally took a mile and a horse stable between a stream and a corn field. Heaven.

Either he stayed there, or died on the journey back.

rockygrace said...

I don't know what happened with the traffic thing. Everybody just yelled and then got in their cars and drove off.

And yeah, I wondered about the mouse returning. Although usually the cats take care of any mice in the house - maybe this one was their friend or something. "Bobby! Long time no see!"
Because it was in the house for, like, three days before I finally caught it.

And Rob, WHAT was a sasquatch? Now you're just confusing me.

~~Silk said...

Was there maybe some sport of local interest on the radio, that they were all listening to, and somebody scored?

In Pa., when I was in college, back in the dawn of history, everybody listened to the same (the only) radio station, and it was the custom that when a polka came on, everyone pulled over to the side of the road and danced. Probably looked weird to strangers.

rockygrace said...

Naw, ~~Silk, these people were definitely yelling at each other. Complete with hand gestures.

And I would LOVE to see people polka-ing by the side of the road. Maybe I'll try it some time.

Oh, wait, I don't know HOW to polka.

That's okay, I'll just fake it.