Thursday, January 18, 2018

Winter Sunsets

I keep a little camera in my car, and all winter, as I headed home from work each night, any time there was a pretty sunset I'd snap a quick pic.  But now the days are getting longer (OH YES THEY ARE!), so I won't be heading home at sunset unless I'm working late. So I thought I'd post some of my favorite sunsets from this winter here.

 Not a sunset, but my favorite tree on the commute:

Tonight's sunset:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I made it through the rain

(kudos to anybody who remembers that old Barry Manilow song!)

Well, today I hit the six-month mark at my current job, meaning that I am no longer an at-will employee and can only be fired for cause, and, more importantly, that I can now transfer to any position within the organization while still keeping my accrued PTO, benefits, etc.  WOOT!

I've got to be honest, here.  I have NO IDEA how I made it through the past six months without quitting.  The complete and total lack of organizational and departmental support for new employees is f*cking appalling.  (at about the three-month mark, I was told by my supervisor to "stop asking questions" about policies and procedures because nobody had the time to answer them.) The work load itself is overwhelming - I continue to fill two full-time positions by myself.  This job SUCKS.  The only reason I stuck it out thus far is because I figured that having *a* job was better than having *no* job, but I have absolutely zero interest in holding on to this job long-term.  Now I just have to decide whether to start applying for different jobs within the same company, or, given the crappy nature of the company itself, to stick it out to the one-year mark (so I can put it on my resume without looking like a job-hopper) and then jump ship entirely!

Options!  I have them!  And I can't wait to use them!  haha. :)