Thursday, January 31, 2019

Well hello there!

Remember me?  No?  I don't blame you.  :)

 I hope everyone had a good Christmas - doesn't that seem like a billion years ago?  Right now it's bitterly cold here, as it is just about everywhere - one of the few downsides to the new (well, not-so-new anymore) job is that because it's downtown, on-site parking is only available to those above certain pay grades.  I didn't make the cut, which means I have to schlep a good quarter-mile from where I park my car to actually get to the office.  Not bad most days;  very, very sucky on mornings like today, when it's ten below and the wind chill makes it feel more like thirty-below.  One word:  Layers.

Speaking of work, the office manager is on a cruise to the Bahamas this week (Lucky her!), so I have been filling in in that role. Ay Caramba!  I am learning by the seat of my pants, but I'm learning, so it's all good.  Please, Friday, get here already!  haha

As I mentioned in the last post, I am currently hosting a litter of seven, three of whom are torties.  Oh lord. :)  They came to the rescue in pretty rough shape, and I thought I'd talk a little bit about that here - how the adorable animals you see in shelters often require a lot of resources to get there.

In the case of my particular Foster Campers, back in October, a local person responded to a Craigslist ad offering free kittens.  When she went to see them, she saw that they were in really rough shape, so she scooped up the entire litter (!) and called a friend of hers, who volunteers for the same rescue I do.  As soon as they came into rescue care, they were taken to the vet.

WARNING:  The following pictures are graphic.

The kittens were covered in what appeared to be dried Dawn dish soap, along with a glue-like substance.  Once that mess was removed, it became apparent that they were all covered with sores:

And one of the kittens had a hernia in need of immediate attention:

They were also severely malnourished and dehydrated, and covered with fleas.

All of them were thoroughly cleaned and received IV fluids, and little hernia kitten had surgery.  They spent a couple of months in another foster home, then came here to Foster Camp.

They're all doing great now; one has already headed to the adoption center (hernia kitten) to find his forever home, and the rest will follow as space opens up.  They don't seem to have any lasting effects from their rough start.  Here they are chasing a feather toy:

So!  If you ever wanted to know why rescues are always begging for money, well, this is why.  Sometimes it takes a lot of vet care and money before those adorable kittens and cats ever make their appearance at the local shelter.

Lecture over!  Go in peace!  Let me know how you're all doing in the comments!

oh and TORTIES!  Why did it have to be TORTIES?!  :)