Monday, October 22, 2018

A Room with a view

At my old job, I worked in the basement.  My desk looked out onto the reception area for our unit, which was full of people ... waiting.  For their appointments to start.  Also babies.  Crying.  And children.  Who were sometimes picking their noses and ... oh, you get the picture.

Here is what I look out onto at my new job:

Sorry, that's not the greatest picture - there were reflections in the window.  But look!  Look how far I can see!  All the way to the hills!


And the difference doesn't stop with the view.  I KNEW, within a week of starting that last job, that it was NUTS.  I keep telling myself, "don't let yourself think that this type of crushing, impossible workload is normal, because it's NOT.  Don't ever get normalized to this, because it's INSANE."

And sure enough, I started the new job, and everything is ... nice.  And normal. Busy workload, but certainly manageable.  And everybody is friendly and polite and every time someone has a birthday we take an afternoon break for CAKE! 

I really wasn't jazzed to have to learn a new job less than 18 months after learning the LAST one, tbh, but I knew I had to get out of there.  So I jumped ship.  And the water's fine!