Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Fair!

Yep, I took a day of PTO today, thus royally pissing off the woman who has to cover for me (sorry not sorry), and headed for my favorite spot in the whole world, the fair!

I was inordinately excited to discover that the parking lot had been paved:


Sometimes the skies looked threatening, but the day was mostly rain-free:

My favorite booth at the fair - it sells all kinds of funky stuff.:

Well, you can't really call it a fair until you've eaten something-on-a-stick.  Meet the chocolate-dipped frozen twinkie, washed down with a blue lemonade:

Not for all the money in the world, buddy - there were people in the top of that thing who paid money to be there (shudder):

I don't know what kind of affliction they're selling, but I'm pretty sure I don't want any:

If they had been selling these things in the Center of Progress building (home of all things as-seen-on-TV), I would have bought one for myself, because this cow sure was enjoying herself.:

And there you have it!   The Great New York State Fair!