Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Wheel

WARNING:  Spoiler alert!  DO NOT continue reading if you haven't watched all episodes of "The Wheel" yet.

Okay.  We good?  Here we go.

So!  The Wheel is a reality series on the Discovery Channel where they strand six people in six different South American ecozones, moving them around every time the moon changes phase or some other thing that I never did figure out.  So the contestants each start in one zone, then after a period of time ranging from a few days to sixteen days, they're switched to another zone, until each contestant has been in all six zones (unless they tap out).  Last one remaining at the end of 60 days wins.

My first survival show love will always be "Alone", obviously, but this show was interesting, too.  I really liked Lindsay, the "fitness model", bc as much as I wanted to smirk at a "fitness model", she really had her shit together.  She made it to the final three before tapping.

Which left the final two - Luke, who irritated the SNOT out of me by singing hymns and thanking God for all the fish he caught (yo, dude, YOU'RE the one with the fish net.  I'm pretty sure God's busy doing other stuff right now), and Adam, who I called "Bible-lite" bc he, too, was really into God, but at least wasn't as heavy-handed about it.

The season finale was Friday, and ...

... they both "won".  Both Luke and Adam lasted all sixty days, which is amazing.  And the Grand Prize was

... nothing?  They just got to ... go home?  With bragging rights, I guess?

WHAT. THE. HELL.  These dudes just about starved themselves to death in some godforsaken climates ("Mountain Zone", anyone?), and they didn't even get any MONEY for it?

Booo.  Hisssssssssss.  That just don't seem right.


spiffikins said...

Hah! I love Alone - I've added this show now to my tivo to catch the next season or reruns if they play it again :)

This sounds like Naked and Afraid - there's no prize on that show either - and a lot of the competitors come out of that show with SERIOUS medical problems - parasites, infections - it's horrible, really.

rockygrace said...

haha Naked and Afraid - that show is SO bizarre. I couldn't handle the "barefoot" part. :) And I'll bet the cameramen get tired of looking at people's bits. It must be really weird to be a cameraman on that show - It's like, "Well, here I am, ten feet away from these starving, sick people, and I can't even share my lunch sandwich." If I was one of the contestants I'd prolly strike a deal with one of the support staff to slide me Twinkies or something.

And sometimes I wonder if the contestants ever hook up while they're out there. Yeah, I watch too much TV.