Sunday, March 05, 2017

More Painting with Bob Ross

Don't let the bright sun fool ya - it's cold as SH*T outside.  That's why I decided to paint this morning.

la la la ... happy little trees:

Wait WHUT?  "Squirrel" was most definitely NOT on the supplies list:

Bob Ross always scares you by telling you to do something AWFUL like covering half your canvas with black:

But then it all comes out okay in the end. Well, as okay as it can turn out when you're painting at the level of a third-grader, at least:

Now I've just gotta find out where to get a squirrel.


spiffikins said...

yay painting!

I've been going to "Paint Nite" - they hold events in the evenings at restaurants - they set up tables and provide the canvas, easel, brushes and paints. They have an artist who stands up at the front, and paints the painting of the evening, while giving instructions.

Some of the artists are better at instructing than others - and some paintings are harder than others - but overall I've been having a blast!

Here's the most recent one - my painting

The teacher's copy - teacher's link is the site - you can search for events in your area. IF you decide to try it - make sure to either use a groupon, or hit me up for a coupon code - the regular price is $45 but there is always a 30% coupon at minimum!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I used to watch Bob Ross all the time and in almost every episode there was always a moment of "what are you doing! you just ruined it!!" and he always pulled it out.

rockygrace said...

spiff, that painting is tres cool!

and Tails, yep, there's always a point where I cringe. I actually STOPPED one painting, mid-way, bc I couldn't bear to do what came next. haha. "Nooooooo, Bob!"

spiffikins said...

Rocky - if you're interested in paintnite - they are selling passes for $20 instead of $45

You don't need to pick a date yet - you have 6 months to use the pass :D

rockygrace said...

Cool! Thanks, spiff!