Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sad News

Alex the Girl had her kittens yesterday, but only one survived - the rest of the litter was stillborn.

But little baby Blizzard made it through the night and is holding his own, and Alex is fine and taking care of her baby, so hopefully some happiness will come out of the sad.  I'll keep you posted.


Random Felines said...

we are SO is tough when they come to you with no prior care and then have kittens. we are sending lots of purrs to Alex and her remaining kitten

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

that so sucks. I'm sorry. Adding my purrs as well

Portia said...

I'm sorry too. Is Blizzard the little orange spot in the middle of the picture? He looks so sweet. I hope that everything goes well with him and Alex the girl.

I was a little afraid you had sad news about Tippy. The last I remember reading, she was at the vet undergoing treatment. How is she doing?

rockygrace said...

Guys, Blizzard didn't make it. He passed away last night.

and Portia, the last I heard, Tippy was still at the vet's being IV fed while they tried to figure out what was wrong.