Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Foster Room Update

I realize that I've been remiss in keeping you updated on the foster situation.  Things have been a little unsettled around here; what can I say?

After Alex's last kitten passed away, I took her back to the center so that she could be paired with a couple of orphan kittens someone had been bottle-feeding.  But in the time it took me to get her to the center and for the bottle-feeding person to pick her up and take her to the orphans, the orphan kittens' mom ... showed back up?  I guess?  That's the story that the rescue was told, anyway.

So.  The woman who had been bottle-feeding, and who now had both the kittens and their mama (?), was not able to continue caring for them (?), so it was decided that Alex, who was ALSO now at this woman's home, would go back to the center to be spayed and put up for adoption, and the now-not-orphaned kittens and their mama would come to me. 

Got it?  Me neither.  ANYway, this happened:

A mama and her two babies.  Their eyes opened a few days ago, so I'm thinking they're about two weeks old at this point.

There's a little cow kitty boy:

And a gray and white girl:

(At least, I THINK it's a boy and a girl.  I am decidedly NOT THE BEST when it comes to determining the gender of kittens.)


 Have you ever SEEN a kitten who looks more like his mama?:

Everybody's spending a lot of time in the (open) carrier right now - It's easier on Mama to keep the kittens confined to one spot, although they're already able to crawl over the rolled-up towel barrier across the front, so I predict chaos soon.  Mama comes out to eat and stretch her legs and get some petting from me - she seems to be quite shy, so I've been letting her decide that on her terms. 

Now I've just got to come up with some names.  I really like "Rio" for the mama, because she's so pretty, but that's subject to change.   AND I've got two kittens to name!  Suggestions welcome.


Random Felines said...

round and round....but what a cute family :)

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

awww.. you haz kittuns.. I want kittuns.. gimme! (that went down hill fast, didn't it?)

rockygrace said...

Random, I'm used to bigger litters, so it's a little strange only having two babies!

and Tails, HANDS OFF. haha.