Thursday, March 09, 2017

More adventures in trap n' transport

I was able to wrangle some clinic spots for this morning, so last night it was time for more fun! with! barn cats!

Trapping is a blast!  (Okay, not really, but we're helping to control the local cat population, so, win!)

Not shown:  The cow poop I got ALL OVER the seat of my jeans, via kneeling on my poop-y hiking boots.  I ended up doing a load of laundry last night.  While I find eau de barn quite pleasant, turns out that cow sh*t on your clothes doesn't smell QUITE as good.  And I will once again be soaking my hikers to get the poop out of the treads.  Ick.

Would you care for a newspaper with your dinner, kitty?:

This morning, it was back out to the barn.  We ended up trapping a few cats who had already been done (thank God for ear notches), but we still managed to take three cats, out of the maximum four that were allowed this trip.

One of those making the trip was a girl cat named George, which I thought was pretty funny until I remembered that I have an EXTREMELY pregnant foster cat in my house right now named Alex.  (Standard disclaimer:  I did not name these cats.)

The cats will be altered at the clinic today and then go back to the barn tonight to recover.  Next clinic date is March 24.  On we go!


Random Felines said...

nicely done!!!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

three out of four slots is pretty impressive! totally worth the eau de cowpoopies