Friday, January 15, 2016

Freaky Friday!

Yeah, I figured I'd do a few of these Freaky Fridays, until I forget to take more pictures again, which ought to happen by some time next week, so if you don't care for Freaky Friday, don't worry, it won't be long until I forget to do it.  Again.

So!  I posted a while back about the side-eye, eff-you frog that I got at a booth at the State Fair this past summer.  I LOVE that frog table!  And a few weeks ago, I was at a local antiques store when I saw the side-eye frog's cousin.

I almost didn't buy it, and in fact I DIDN'T buy it when I first saw it, because it was in kind of rough shape and they wanted twenty-five bucks for it, but I kept THINKING about it, and THINKING about it, which led to me finally rushing back to the antiques store before they closed up early on New Year's Eve, to see if the side-eye frog's cousin was still there.


I'm pretty sure that this one is supposed to be a cat?  Because of the whiskers?  He's pretty dinged up, and his tail is missing, but look!  He has drop-leaves on the sides!  (In the pic, his left drop-leaf is in the up position, and the right drop-leaf is down.  And I am pretty sure that he came from THE SAME BOOTH AT THE STATE FAIR, because the numbering system used on the underside to indicate which legs go where is the exact same sticker system as used on the side-eye frog.

So now I have a drop-leaf cat to go with the side-eye, eff-you frog.  Perfection.


~~Silk said...

Daughter thinks my house is cluttered. I have this need -- I want to be able to see something I love or that makes me feel warm inside no matter where I look in my home. Every movement of my eyes should land them on something that makes me happy. I don't understand people who want those flat bare surfaces like in the decorating articles. I think I would LOVE your house. Many smiles.

rockygrace said...

yep, ~~Silk, for one thing, bare houses tend to echo. I'd rather my house not echo. and like you, everything I have means something to me. I do change things up, all the time - just last night I tossed a basket full of pine cones that was taking up space, and sometimes things just get stale, meaning-wise - but in general, I like my stuff to be fun! Why put generic things in a house when there's so much cool stuff out there?

rockygrace said...

and oh! Coincidentally, I'm just reading a book that described a room as being "blank and lonely as a grave", and THAT'S what I'm trying to avoid. Ha.