Monday, January 11, 2016


There's a can of air freshener in the bathroom at work labeled as "country scent".  When I was a little kid and the family would go someplace in the car with Dad driving, whenever we'd pass someplace out in the country with distinct odor of cow manure, Dad would theatrically inhale and dramatically exclaim, "Ahhhh!  Smell that country air!," at which point we'd all burst out laughing.  So to me, "country scent" = "cow poop". 

There was a container of divinity on the clearance table in the Walmart bakery last weekend (divinity the candy, not divinity the state of being), and I bought it out of curiosity, as I'd never had it before.  Turns out it tastes a lot like marshmallow fluff.  Huh.  

I think that Drew Barrymore is a terrible actress.  I mean, she's cute as all get-out, but my God, she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.  There, I said it.

Kate, aka Simply Kate, the Christmas card I sent you got returned - evidently you've moved again?  Rats!  I tried to send you one,  honest!  Hope you and the hubs and the new baby are doing super.

I'm always looking for new stuff to make for dinner, and I realized the other day that I'd never had Swedish meatballs.  So I looked up a recipe, made it, and ... meh.  Just tasted like meatballs in gravy to me.  But maybe I was doing it wrong.  Anybody have a knock-out Swedish meatball recipe that tastes like something other than meatballs in gravy?  Thanks.

The Christmas tree is down!  And the Foster Campers have moved into another foster home, so that I can take a little break.  The house seems empty now.  *sniff*

And!  Today is Ponyboy's (approximate) birthday!  Happy fifth birthday, old man!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Happy birthday! :)

~~Silk said...

I like the smell of manure. But then, I like skunk on the breeze, too. I vastly prefer both to auto exhaust.

Happy birthday, little boy. Many happy mice of the day.

Becs said...

Happy Birthday, Pony! You handsome devil.

rockygrace said...

I'm sure Pony appreciates all of your birthday wishes. Thanks!

Domestic Kate said...

I did think of you and your Christmas cards this Christmas and realized that you probably didn't have my new address. We moved this summer into a bigger place to make room for the baby. I feel bad that you went to the trouble to make me one!

rockygrace said...

haha well, I've got it here, Kate - send me an address and I'll try again!