Wednesday, January 06, 2016

and this ain't even all of 'em

I FINALLY got around to a long-delayed project this past weekend ... the foster wall.


Pretty boring, right?  Just a list of the foster cats, and a framed photo enlargement.  That stuff came down:

And up went ... The Alumni:

It may not look like a lot, but some of those pics have several cats in them - there are two litters of six kittens, a litter of four, etc. 

And I still need to get Chloe, Watson, Apple Pie, Mikey, Auguste (formerly Frida), Georgia, Henri, Taffy, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Rowena, Perseus and (whew) Lyra up there!  Then it will be done. For now.  Ha.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

what an absolutely lovely idea!!

James P. said...

Is Chompin' Petey up there? Did you hear any more from his new family?

rockygrace said...

Tails, this is one of my few "nailed it" crafty things - ha.

and James P., Petey is actually not up there, as he wasn't a foster of mine, just a cat I interacted with at the adoption center. He prolly would've killed me if I had fostered him. :) And I haven't volunteered for that group lately, so I don't know if they get updates. Hopefully he's doing fine. And less bitey.

James P. said...

"Interacted with" is the new "bitten by".