Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ay Caramba!

I had to go to the dermatologist for a (long overdue) check-up last week, and there was an area on my back that she wanted to freeze with liquid nitrogen.  "It'll only take a few seconds," she said.  "You'll feel a sensation of cold, and that's about it."  And she got to work.

Things it felt like:

- Being stung by a million tiny bees in a very concentrated spot.

- Being shot at point-blank range with the world's smallest buckshot.

- Being stabbed with teeny-tiny little-bitty knives, a whole bunch of them, all at once.

Things it did NOT feel like:

-"A sensation of cold".



Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

by any chance are you a red head?

rockygrace said...

Nope, blond. But my mom was a redhead. Why?

James P. said...

Maybe this is a new twist on the old "This may sting a little" remark in the medical world.....feeling a sensation of cold. Still remember being in a communal recovery room with a kid (probably) and the nurse going over to some older person who was moaning....."Does your incision sting a little, Mrs. Blah Blah???" I wanted to call her over to say that I had ten dollars that says that was the most asinine question of the decade (but I was too busy trying not to barf on my own kid. Not my strong suit, recovery rooms).

Sorry that happened to you.

rockygrace said...

My dentist is fond of saying "you're going to feel a pinch", when she's about to jab a needle in my gums. A PINCH.

Doctors also like to say, "you're going to feel some pressure now." I guess "pressure" is the new "pain." I HAVE FIGURED OUT YOUR SECRET CODE, DOCTORS. :)

Becs said...

Oh, what a baby. Have a three inch needle jabbed into the flesh on your nose. That'll get you attention. Didn't they numb it first? My dermatologist swabs on a topical, then does an injection I can't feel - but yes, they do use the "pressure" line.

rockygrace said...

A three inch needle into your nose?! What the hell were they aiming for, your brain?!