Monday, January 18, 2016

Pics from the weekend

I did an adoption event in a town about an hour away this past Saturday.  There are some interesting buildings along the way, so I put my camera in the front seat and did some not-dangerous-at-all, I-risked-only-myself picture-taking.

 Round barns are kind of a thing in the neck of the woods through which I was traveling.  Look how even the little entryway in the front is round!:

It was a very foggy morning.  Same barn, different angle:

A small-town jail, complete with turret:

The reason for the trip:

I stopped for coffee (and baklava!) with a friend afterward:

and more round barns:

Road trip complete.


Random Felines said...

mom loves buildings with character like that....

rockygrace said...

I don't know why they made the barns round ... if it was more efficient, or just aesthetically pleasing. I'll have to look into it!

rockygrace said...

Look what I found!: