Monday, November 30, 2015

Things I learned this weekend.

Okay, first off, did you know that Jewel the singer is related to the Kilcher family featured on the TV show "Alaska:  The Last Frontier"?  I did not know this until this past weekend, and it kind of  blows my mind a little.  Mainly because the TV show Kilchers seem so ... earthy, and Jewel does not.  Evidently, there is one family in Alaska, and their last name is Kilcher.

Now.  Other stuff I learned.

Cattails are soft.  Like, really, REALLY soft.  Holding a puffed-out cattail is like holding a big wad of cotton.

Ice stays on the beaver swamp even after the temps have been in the fifties for a couple of days:

X marks the spot!  The spot where ... something happens, or happened, or will happen, at some point.

When the opportunity arises to swing on swings, you've got to take it.  Okay, I already KNEW that one, but still.:

When left to themselves, picnic tables will do an interpretive dance:

Patience is a virtue.  Waaaay back in August, when I was at the State Fair, I bought an awesome wooden frog table.  I tucked it away, to be a birthday gift to myself, and since yesterday was the big day - TA-DA!

I love that frog.  Look at the side-eye on that dude!  He's giving us all a giant EFF YOU.

And finally, the last thing I learned this weekend:  When you find a giant metal mermaid at an insanely great price, you must buy it.  It's the law.  I just learned that this weekend.  And that is why I'll be spending NEXT weekend trying to find a place in the house for this beauty.

My weekend.  I learned so much!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

a random x marking a spot.. how did you not dig under it.. ?!?!

btw, we found the perio support on

rockygrace said...

Ooops, Tails, gotta go grab a shovel - brb!

Thanks for the heads-up on the perio support! After I stopped by your blog, I found that several sellers are offering it on Ebay, and I bought some pronto. Anything to forestall those dreaded dental appointments! Thank you for bringing the product to my attention.

Domestic Kate said...

Those picnic tables cracked me up. The frog is a close second ... I love that you hide things away for yourself for your birthday.

Becs said...

Happy Birthday!

fmcgmccllc said...

That table is a hoot, love, love, love it.

rockygrace said...

Kate, I LOVE hiding gifts for myself. Because I FORGET what I bought myself, and then when it's time to go to the box in the closet where the gifts are, it's SO EXCITING!! Ha.

Becs, thank you!

fmcetc., there is this one booth at the State Fair every year where they sell all KINDS of cool wooden stuff. They don't have a regular store, they don't have a website, they're only at the Fair, tucked away off the main midway, once a year. That booth is one of the reasons I love the Fair so very, very much. :)