Monday, November 16, 2015

The weekend

I took a break from rescue stuff this weekend in a valiant attempt to get caught up on household crap.  But I dicked around in Ithaca all day Saturday, accomplishing exactly ZERO, so Sunday it was time to get to work.  I raked leaves and mowed the lawn and scrubbed the tub and put the gardens to bed and planted a bunch of bulbs.  I'm still not caught UP, but I'm CLOSER, and I even squeezed in a walk yesterday afternoon.

Georgia is reluctantly coming around to the idea that Dean Winchester maybe isn't the WORST kitty ever:

And Tinks elongates in the sunshine:

The leaves are gone off the trees now:

A few crabapples are still holding on:

The tall grasses haven't been weighed down by snow yet:

Somebody's been marking trees:

Look!  Can you spot the cheeepmonk?

There he is!

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